Wednesday, October 26, 2022

From the CTKG Cabinet: Satvik's Tips for Eco-Friendly Halloween Celebrations!

Hello, my name is Satvik Nog and I am a member of the 2022 Kid Governor's Cabinet with the platform of Climate Change. 

If you celebrate Halloween, you know that it's coming up soon on Monday, October 31! But did you know that a recent report from NPR's Marketplace found that Halloween is responsible for a huge rise in waste, with 2,000 tons of Halloween plastic (from costumes, decorations, and sweet wrappers) bought and thrown away due to celebrations?

Keeping this fact in mind, here are 5 different eco-friendly ways to celebrate Halloween!

1. Make your own decorations!
Avoid plastic decorations this Halloween. Instead, plan fun activities with your family and friends and create artwork using eco-friendly recyclable materials like tin foils, paper bags, and cardboard. I really enjoyed making milk carton ghost lanterns with my sister!

2. Make your own costumes instead of buying them!
Costumes are a huge source of waste after Halloween, as most people end up discarding their costumes after the holiday is over. Try using your DIY skills to make the best costume possible, and if you used a costume that doesn't fit you anymore, consider donating it to someone in need.

3. Decorate your own bags for trick-or-treating!
Rather than using plastic buckets, you can use reusable bags, like tote bags or pillowcases, for trick-or-treating. Even better, you could decorate your paper bag with paints, eco sequins and fabric pens to make them Halloween-themed, which can be a great activity!

4. Be strategic about your pumpkin use!
Can you imagine Halloween without a jack-o'-lantern? I definitely can’t. While pumpkins are a Halloween staple, if not put to good use, they can contribute to a huge amount of waste. The scary part is that nearly 12.8 million pumpkins are thrown away each year!!! Buy local pumpkins, enjoy the delicious seeds, and use the flesh to make soup. Doesn't that sound yummy?

5. Plan eco-friendly Halloween parties using recyclable glass and containers!
If your party involves trick-or-treating, carpooling with friends certainly decreases emissions due to transportation. 

I hope you will follow these simple tips for enjoying an eco-friendly Halloween. Thanks for reading, and have a great Halloween!!!

Satvik Nog
2022 Kid Governor's Cabinet 

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

My Library Circuit and the 2022 Kids Convention

Hello, my name is Makhi and I am your 2022 Connecticut's Kid Governor. In today's blog post I will be talking about what I have been doing as Kid Governor lately! 

One thing I've done this fall is my Library Circuit, where I traveled to different libraries across the state and spoke about my experience as the 2022 Connecticut's Kid Governor. I went to 6 different libraries in September: 

  1. The Windsor Public Library (with Elizabeth Becker from my Cabinet!)
  2. The Silas Bronson Library (with Satvik Nog from my Cabinet!)
  3. The Easton Public Library
  4. The Hamden Public Library
  5. The Groton Public Library
  6. And the Waterford Public Library (with Madelyn Sweet from my Cabinet!)

I gave a speech at each stop where I talked about my Protecting Our Pets platform, the work I've done on each of my three points, and some of the cool experiences I've had so far during my term as Kid Governor. I also got to meet a lot of new people, like different state and local government officials. It was so much fun to talk with everybody! You can see more information about each stop, including photos and recordings of my speeches, by clicking here!

Another thing I've done recently was attend the 2022 Kids Convention at Stepping Stones Museum. Elizabeth Becker, Madelyn Sweet, Olivia Campbell, and Satvik Nog from my Cabinet joined me! At the convention, we participated in a question-and-answer panel discussion where we got to talk with the audience. It was so fun and we got lots of questions. I love talking about my platform and all the hard work that my Cabinet and I have done this year! 

We also got to see some of the other presenters at the Kids Convention. One of the speakers was named Renata Bowers. She's a children's book author who lives in Connecticut! Her book series is called "Frieda B." It is about a girl who can be herself. Ms. Bowers read us parts of her books and talked about how kids can make the world a better place. That message is very important and connects to all the things I've been doing during my term as Kid Governor! 

How can you make the world a better place? Remember to be yourself and to (P.O.P), Protect our Pets!


Makhi Ettienne-Modeste

2022 Kid Governor 


Thursday, September 15, 2022

From the CTKG Cabinet: Olivia & The FRESH Walk For Food

Hello 5th graders of Connecticut! My name is Olivia and I am a member of the 2022 Connecticut Kid Governor's Cabinet with the platform of Child Food Insecurity.

There are so many people that work to help people in Connecticut who are food insecure. One example of this is coming up this weekend! FRESH New London is holding an event that I would like to bring to people's attention. It is called the FRESH Walk For Food Justice. This event will take place on Saturday September 17 at 9:30 AM. The walk will begin at the Mercer Street Community Garden, located on the corner of Mercer and Williams Streets in my town of New London. 

Participants of this event will walk a 2.5-mile circuit in New London to visit 5 local gardens. At this time of year, all 5 gardens will be overflowing with healthy vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Walkers will see gardens of all sizes & innovative urban farming techniques, get to sample seasonal crops, and learn more about each incredibly unique, reclaimed space.

At the end of the walk, there will be pizza from an outdoor woodfire oven, plants and merchandise for sale, music, and festivities. If you would like to join the walk please follow the instructions below.

  • Pledge to walk by filling out this pre-registration form.
  • Ask your friends and family to support your walk by donating.
  • Collect their donation and add their information to this form.
  • Extra idea: create a team of your co-workers or friends and walk together!

If you don't want to collect donations, that’s okay! You can attend with your own $10 donation and still participate!

After you collect your pledges and the form is complete, bring it all with you on September 17th to the Mercer Street Garden, or you can fill it out and pay ahead of time online (HERE).

This local event is a great way to help people who are food insecure. What are some ways you can help people in your community? 

Olivia Campbell
2022 Kid Governor Cabinet 
Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School
New London

Friday, September 9, 2022

My Family Vacation to Washington, DC!

Hello everyone, I am Makhi Ettienne-Modeste, your 2022 Connecticut's Kid Governor. Welcome to my new blog post! Happy back to school to everyone! Today I will be talking about what I did recently. I did a lot! 

Back in August I went to Virginia with my family. One of my stops was to our country’s capital city, Washington D.C. It was lots of fun! I got to see the U.S. Capitol Building, the memorials, and the White House. Here is a picture of me at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. 

On my trip I also learned a lot of things, like:

It wasn’t easy building these places. It took builders 8 whole years to build the White House, and that wasn’t even the only time they had to build it! In 1814 the British stormed the White House and burned it down, so it had to be built again. That time it took nearly 3 years to build! 

Then in 1948, the White House needed to be fixed after so many years. Some people said they should just tear it down and build a new mansion. But Mr. Harry Truman, the president at the time, fought to keep the White House and most of its historic features. 

The White House is one of the most famous buildings in America. It is a symbol of our government and represents the history of our country. Here is a picture of the White House. I think it looks so cool! Do you?

I hope you learned something new about Washington D.C.! Remember to be kind and to P.O.P. - Protect Our Pets!




Makhi Ettienne-Modeste

2022 Kid Governor 


Monday, August 22, 2022

From the CTKG Cabinet: Satvik's Tips for Eco-Friendly Traveling!

Hello, my name is Satvik Nog and I am a member of the 2022 Kid
Governor's Cabinet
 with the platform of Climate Change. I hope 
everyone is having a fantastic summer filled with tons of fun!

This year, I was at summer camp for a few weeks. But for several days 
we had to stay indoors because of the extreme heat, with the temperature 
soaring up to over 90 degrees Fahrenheit! According to the EPA, “Since 
1950, Connecticut has been experiencing changes that differ from normal 
expectations. Our region now has warmer seasons. The average annual air 
temperature in Connecticut has increased by 2.2 degrees Fahrenheit.”

This is a big issue which can be prevented by eco-friendly habits. In
order to combat the rising heat, we can take small but significant steps
while traveling this summer, which include:

1. Bring your own empty water bottle wherever you go and fill it up at 
a bottle filling station instead of buying a plastic water bottle. This way,
you reduce waste and save money!

2. If you eat out, make sure to bring your own reusable containers to
take any extra food instead of using their plastic / Styrofoam

3. When on vacation, try to use eco-friendly modes of transportation like
a train or bus to reduce the emissions that lead to global warming. If
you have to use a car, try renting one, especially an electric, hybrid,
or small one to avoid excessive emissions and save some money.

4. When at a hotel, ask the front desk to not change your towels and
sheets while you stay to minimize laundry loads, which use a lot of
water and energy.

5. Another hotel tip is to bring your own reusable toiletry containers to
avoid waste. 

6. Ask about the hotel’s recycling program and sort your trash accordingly. 
If your hotel doesn't recycle, consider taking your empty bottles or other 
items home and recycle them there.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and will try out at least one of these
simple tips this summer.

Have a fabulous rest of your summer, and good luck in the next school

Satvik Nog
2022 Kid Governor Cabinet 
Long Meadow Elementary School

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

My Tips for Caring for Pets in the Heat

Hello everyone, I am Makhi Ettienne-Modeste, your 2022 Connecticut's Kid Governor. Welcome to my new blog post! Are you having a fun summer?

My platform is all about Protecting Our Pets. I love animals! Also, I have two dogs, so I know how important it is to take care of your pets.

Today I am writing about something that has to do with all these hot days we've been having. We all know it's important to stay hydrated in the summer, but do you know how to keep your pets hydrated too? I will be discussing the signs of dehydration in your pet and what happens if you don’t take action.

Each animal has different clues to tell if they are dehydrated. Signs of dehydration for cats include:

  • Sunken eyes
  • Slower movement
  • Poor appetite

  • Panting with their tongues out
  • More drooling
  • Being more tired

Ignoring these signs can be dangerous for your pets. They could even become unconscious and faint! To prevent this from happening, here are some tips to care of your pet in the heat:
  • Never leave your pet in a hot place like your car
  • Make sure your pets have enough to drink by checking their water bowls often
  • Look for shady spots to get your pets out of the sun if you bring them outside

Following these tips will ensure safety for your pets. Remember always keep your pets hydrated and to P.O.P. (Protect Our Pets)! 

Makhi Ettienne-Modeste
2022 Kid Governor 
John F. Kennedy School

Saturday, August 13, 2022

From the CTKG Cabinet: Brian's Outdoor Activities!

Hello! My name is Brian and I am a member of the 2022 Kid Governor's Cabinet with the platform of Physical Activity in Schools. When I chose this platform, I noticed that kids weren’t being very active outside. I did some studying and I learned that the more kids are active, the more they focus. It’s healthy for you, too! 

Summer is a good time to go outside so that you stay healthy. This summer, I am having fun outside by playing basketball, playing football, swinging on my swing set, going on bike rides, swimming, and going to the water park. My favorite thing I did so far was teach myself how to do a backflip on the trampoline! 

At our August Cabinet Meeting, Kid Governor Makhi and the other Cabinet members helped me brainstorm a list of activities that you can do outside this summer too. 

Here are some of our ideas:

  • Have races with your friends (like a relay race!)
  • Play Bowling for Cups
  • Go to a playground
  • Have a water balloon toss
  • Play sports like basketball, soccer, football, kickball, or baseball
  • Run through a sprinkler
  • Go on a bike ride
  • Have a water war with friends
  • Play Wall Ball with friends
  • Roller skate
  • Take a walk (and bring your pet!)
  • Do some exercises to get strong like sit-ups, jumping jacks, or planks 
  • Play tag with friends
  • Go swimming
  • Jump on a trampoline
  • Play Drip, Drip, Drop with friends
  • Go for a jog / run
We even tried an activity ourselves. We played paper basketball. It was a lot of fun!

I hope you try some of these activities this summer! Email me at to tell me what you did. I recommend playing water games, kickball, or football. 

Be active and rock on! 

Brian Wright
2022 Kid Governor's Cabinet 
Casimir Pulaski Elementary School

From the CTKG Cabinet: Satvik's Tips for Eco-Friendly Halloween Celebrations!

Hello, my name is Satvik Nog and I am a member of the  2022 Kid G overnor's Cabinet  with the platform of  Climate Change.   If you cele...