Tuesday, June 7, 2022

From the CTKG Cabinet: Elizabeth at the State Capitol!

Hello 5th graders of Connecticut! My name is Elizabeth and I am a member of the 2022 Connecticut Kid Governor's Cabinet with the platform of Climate Change.

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the State Capitol with my fellow Cabinet members! I had a great time and learned so much about the Capitol, the history of Connecticut, and all the people who work at our Capitol and Legislative Office Building.  I am going to tell you all about our day! My favorite things that we did were:

  1. Meeting Governor Lamont and Lt. Governor Bysiewicz! It was really cool to see their offices and hear their advice! 

  2. Touring the State Capitol! We had a fun time seeing the different parts of the Capitol. Did you know that there is a tunnel connecting the State Capitol to the Legislative Office Building? It was cool to walk through it! There is so much beautiful artwork and lots of history in the State Capitol.
  3. Meeting with our legislators! We had a great opportunity to meet the legislators who represent us and hear all the great advice they had! I met with Speaker of the House Matt Ritter and Representative Julio Concepcion. I had a great time meeting them and learning about their job. They even gave me a citation from the General Assembly!
Elizabeth with Speaker Ritter receiving a citation from the General Assembly 

We spent the entire day walking around the Capitol and learning about everything there. It was a lot of walking, but it was worth it to see everything and learn so much. We were recognized on the floor of the House of Representatives. It was awesome to see all the representatives and watch how things work in our legislative branch of government. 

We were also interviewed by WTNH 8 reporter Dennis House! It was not my first time being interviewed because I was also interviewed on Doors to Hope and Healing hosted by Jaqueline Ford, but it was still an amazing experience! At the end of the day we visited the Connecticut Supreme Court! We had a private tour, and at the museum we saw the actual Charter from the Charter Oak Tree! At the Connecticut Supreme Court there is a library, the court, and a museum

One of the most important parts of my visit was to give letters to Speaker Ritter, Representative Concepcion, and Governor Lamont. I wrote these letters in support of House Bill 5285. The proposed bill would make it mandatory to teach about climate change it schools next year. I found out recently that the bill was passed as part of another bill! I was so excited to hear that it passed! I think it is really important that this generation learns about climate change because we will be the ones in charge ten years from now and we need to understand what is happening to our planet. 

We had an amazing day and I’m glad I could share it with you! See you again soon!

Elizabeth Becker 
2022 Kid Governor Cabinet 
Noah Webster Microsociety Magnet School

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