Wednesday, June 29, 2022

My Visit to Poquonnock School and Launching the Third Point of My Platform!

Hello everyone, I am Makhi Ettienne-Modeste, your 2022 Connecticut's Kid Governor. Welcome back to my blog for my fifth blog post!

I have been keeping very busy since my last blog post! I have been hard at work launching the third point of my platform, which is encouraging donations to animal organizations! Donating to animal organizations is very important. Companion animals need food and shelter to survive, and toys to keep their minds and bodies active and healthy. The staff and volunteers at shelters work hard to provide everything that the animals in their care need, but people like you and me can help by donating food and toys. Knowing how to donate to your local animal organizations can help them! Try reaching out to your local shelter and seeing what donated items they need!  And check out for more tips on how to support the third point of my platform.

I've also been hard at work in my community! Earlier this month I visited Poquonock School as a special guest speaker and gave a speech for their 2nd grade promotion! I talked about how you don’t have to be older or an adult to make a difference in your community or world, and gave the following advice to the students:

First, any person can make a difference, you just have to find something you care about. For me, it was helping pets. What is something that you care about?

Second, anyone of any age can be a leader. Think about the great qualities you have that make you a leader. Are you kind? Are you empathetic? Are you positive? We are all leaders in our own different ways, and our differences can make the world a better place.

Third, I’ve learned from my Kid Governor term that to make a difference, you have to try. Even if you think you can’t do something or if people say you can’t do something, you should always try!

Fourth, knowing how to respect others will let people know they can respect you. 

And fifth, doing something big or small to make a difference or help someone is important. Even doing something at home or in your own school that seems small is an amazing thing to do. It could potentially change the world. I KNOW that’s possible!

I also talked about the third point of my platform, donating to animal organizations! I had a great time meeting all of the students, and I was honored to be invited to speak to them.

Always remember to treat animals with kindness and (P.O.P) Protect Our Pets!

Makhi Ettienne-Modeste
2022 Kid Governor 
John F. Kennedy School

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